Yes, I want to improve my business using Data


Receive a strategic audit from your marketing circumstances.

Determine the effectiveness of your SEO, Paid and Email Marketing and your current Analytics setup.


Intelligent recommendations based on

deep analysis of your data.

This identifies possible actions with

highest improvement potential.


Implementation of the recommended impactful actions

with utmost care by ourselves or by our trusted partners.

Evaluation & Documentation

Evaluation and documentation of the results and the learning from the actions.

This way not only the level of impact of every action is determined,  but also a knowledge-base is created for you to make even smarter decisions later on.

Reporting for Management

Concise and to-the- point reporting for management.

Straight-forward answers for specific C-level questions.


Because so much more can be done for your bottom line!


We have a step-by-step process & a set of technologies that you will only pay for when you are sure they help you

What is different?

Our unique focus is data-driven strategy creation, implementation and analysis

Key to Growth: Formulation and Evaluation of Digital Marketing Strategy

Success or failure of a business depends completely on its “Strategy”. Here is a little snippet from Wikipedia in definition of Strategy: Strategy (from Greek στρατηγία stratēgia) is a high level plan to achieve one [...]

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Yes, I want to improve my business using data