Being able to work with Adobe Suite and other software of the kind is a given.

What matters is taste! What matters is style!

What matter is design-thinking and great brand design!

If you know what we are talking about then please get in touch!

Available position formats: Full-time as well as Part-time, Internship and Student-work.


Although you are a master of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Piwik, Mix-Panel, Kiss-Metrics, Tableau, and other common tools in this space, you are better than anyone else because you understand Marketing Strategy! You can look at numbers and drive meaning and you know what you are looking for! You have no trouble pointing to the value that your advice creates!

You will have fun with us! Apply now!

Both full-time and part-time as well as student-work and internship available.


You live and breathe web software and think producing it in the highest quality is a genuine form of art.

Love MVC frameworks and have mastered many of them.

Enjoy hacking opensource code to accomplish mission critical goals.

Your code is so clean and organized that even non-programmers can figure it out.

You cannot help but stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

You know a lot about Big Data platforms and concepts related to them.

You can do magic with Ruby on Rails.

Then it would be our honor to meet you!

Part-time and full-time positions available as well as student-work and internship (the internships and student-positions are unpaid).


Detailed description to be found here:  Link to HU website

Check it out and get in touch!


Detailed description to be found here:  Link to HU website

Check it out and get in touch!


We collaborate with universities and are interested in forging cooperations with bright students around their theses or other university projects.

In this video Sentientic’s founder is briefly presenting the company and its areas of work to students. You can also get a feeling for our culture.

We are a Data Science company and the 3 pillars of our work are:

A. Software Engineering & Artificial Intelligence (Implementation Knowledge)

B. Digital Marketing & Web Analytics (Domain Knowledge)

C. Analytical Creativity (An Essential Skill)

Looking forward to meeting you!